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Tamil Nadu Premier League, 2016 Match Schedule…..


25 August 2016 TIRUVALLUR vs KARAIKUDI, 2nd Match Time- 6:30PM

26 August 2016 COIMBATORE vs KANCHEEPURAM, 3rd Match Time- 6:30PM

27 August 2016 DINDIGUL vs MADURAI, 4th Match Time- 2:30PM

28 August 2016 CHEPAUK vs KARAIKUDI, 5th Match Time- 2:30PM

29 August 2016 TIRUVALLUR vs MADURAI, 6th Match Time- 6:30PM

30 August 2016 DINDIGUL vs KANCHEEPURAM, 7th Match Time- 6:30PM

31 August 2016 COIMBATORE vs THOOTHUKUDI, 8th Match Time- 6:30PM

01 Sep 2016 DINDIGUL vs TIRUVALLUR, 9th Match Time- 6:30PM

02 Sep 2016 MADURAI vs COIMBATORE, 10th Match Time- 6:30PM

03 Sep 2016 KARAIKUDI vs THOOTHUKUDI, 11th Match Time- 2:30PM

03 Sep 2016 KANCHEEPURAM vs CHEPAUK, 12th Match Time-6:30PM

04 Sep 2016 DINDIGUL vs THOOTHUKUDI, 13th Match Time-6:30PM

05 Sep 2016 TIRUVALLUR vs KANCHEEPURAM, 14th Match Time- 2:30PM

05 Sep 2016 COIMBATORE vs CHEPAUK, 15th Match Time- 6:30PM

06 Sep 2016 MADURAI vs KARAIKUDI, 16th Match Time- 6:30PM

07 Sep 2016 TIRUVALLUR vs THOOTHUKUDI, 17th Match Time- 6:30PM

08 Sep 2016 DINDIGUL vs CHEPAUK, 18th Match Time- 6:30PM

09 Sep 2016 MADURAI vs KANCHEEPURAM, 19th Match Time- 2:30PM

09 Sep 2016 KARAIKUDI vs COIMBATORE, 20th Match Time- 6:30PM

10 Sep 2016 MADURAI vs CHEPAUK, 21st Match Time- 2:30PM

10 Sep 2016 TIRUVALLUR vs COIMBATORE, 22nd Match Time- 6:30PM

11 Sep 2016 DINDIGUL vs KARAIKUDI, 23rd Match Time- 2:30PM

11 Sep 2016 KANCHEEPURAM vs THOOTHUKUDI, 24th Match Time- 6:30PM

12 Sep 2016 TIRUVALLUR vs CHEPAUK, 25th Match Time- 6:30PM

13 Sep 2016 DINDIGUL vs COIMBATORE, 26th Match Time- 2:30PM

13 Sep 2016 THOOTHUKUDI vs MADURAI, 27th Match Time- 6:30PM

14 Sep 2016 KARAIKUDI vs KANCHEEPURAM, 28th Match Time- 6:30PM

16 Sep 2016 TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi Final Time- 6:30PM

17 Sep 2016 TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi Final Time- 6:30PM

18 Sep 2016 TBC vs TBC, Final Time- 6:30PM

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