Superlopez BluRay RipAC3 Download Torrent

Superlopez BluRay RipAC3 Download Torrent

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On a planet known as Chitn, the evil General Skorba threatens to conquer and destroy all towns and people with his army, but a scientist named Jan and his wife decide to save their newborn son by giving him special powers and sending him to Earth by boat space. make sure it’s safe and sound. When General Skorba arrives, his little girl docks use the telepathy ability to find the baby, promising that her father will kill her and destroy the Earth. . Thirty years later, unaware of his past and concealing his power for all, Juan Lpez was an office worker who raised and trained two self-sufficient farmers in a small town. Because Juan couldn’t hide it later and wanted to help the public, Juan saved the subway, accidentally exposed it to the public, and now the adult jetty has transformed into the CEO of his own cleaning company and most importantly, traveled to Spain to catch Juan. Things got complicated after Luisa Lanas, Juan’s former love interest

Superlopez BluRay RipAC3

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