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Social Skating For all skateboard fans who don’t like Tony Hawks, who is a lot of fun, the skate franchise is just the thing for you. This is a series that is always focused on realism and the third part, Skate 3, is no exception. Like real sport, this game takes time and patience if you hope to master its complications, and even the simplest tricks at the beginning seem impossible. But with skill and determination, this is extremely useful.

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Skate 3s is an important addition to the franchise with a focus on society. The game continues to promote this and prompts you to share your photos, videos, and personal parks. Everything that is shared is then stored in the cloud, which means that people can access it at any time – by expanding games that are already quite large.
You can take part in individual events in the (theoretically) loaded hub area, take part in teams and even take part in storytelling events with a friend to make this possible. All of this is done with a clear goal: to blur the line between offline and online. It is not without flaws, like the loneliness you experience when entering the play area, only to discover that no one else seems to be playing, but for the most part that it creates a compelling social experience.
Skate 3 is available to all viewers. There are three levels of difficulty that change the challenge of the cards and the ability of the treasures to facilitate hope and tricks. As long as you know the type of game you are participating in, there should be a level of difficulty that suits you.

Balance and simulate availability
The skate franchise control system was fantastic. The movement of the board is done with the right analog stick while you control the movement to the left (it’s really like a gamepad). Combos and tricks require skillful use of the sticks, and moves such as Ollie require the right stick to move quickly down and then up. The same depth applies to other tricks with more technical features – such as one-handed and two-handed handles, the pulling of which requires real skill.
It is this difficulty and reward that Skate 3 really triggers as a simulation. This makes it really satisfying if you do a ground-based air maneuver instead of just engaging as you would normally do in Tony Hawk, which focuses on arcades.
Graphics is not a big step forward for Skate 3. Despite its large, solid and diverse open world, nothing will delight you. This can largely be reduced to the fact that the world’s population is relatively thin and has online social aspects that aim to populate the environment with choices that mostly leave the city as a ghost town.
Unfortunately the games are a big problem is the camera. She will often have difficulty finding the right angle of action and changing positions at inappropriate moments to make your character more difficult to control.

Put your skates on
Skate 3 is a game for sports fans. It offers a fantastic simulation experience with the ability to use urban skate parks and all social functionsediting games, which makes it a real advance over previous posts. However, we cannot forget the negative effects, such as the lack of different tasks, camera problems and the often lonely online experience. Overall, the Skate 3 improves and improves the gaming experience of the series is already known for.

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